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What Does it Mean to be On-Brand?

Simply put, being 'on-brand' means anything that is created for a company should be in alignment with its brand. This 'anything' refers to marketing collateral such as flyers, brochures, postcards, mailers, logo design, signage, website design, newsletters, etc. To be effective, all of these should reflect who you are as a company, speak to your audience, and look visually consistent. What isn't always realized is that being on-brand can go beyond the visual aspect.

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Is Apple Upsetting the Ad World?

In June of 2020, Apple announced new updates to their privacy and tracking rules. These updates would require Facebook to explicitly ask for permission to track users when they leave Facebook and across other apps and websites. This process is similar to how most websites ask permission to use cookie tracking when users enter a website. Under these circumstances, users will have to opt-in for tracking as opposed to opting out. Facebook has expressed concern that most iPhone users will opt out of tracking and make targeted advertising more difficult and reporting less accurate.

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How has the Pandemic Affected Graphic Design?

In graphic design, trends come and go. Some trends last for years, some for only months. During a trying time for all of us, graphic design has not only had to learn how to adapt but also has had to take into consideration people's mental health states. Below is a brief exploration of a few trends and effects the pandemic has had on graphic design.

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2021 Digital Trends that Will Stick

From travel restrictions to a complete shift in consumer behavior, the past year has reshaped our world. Leaders in 2020 were forced to make hard decisions and significant operational changes, often based on little information and under tight timelines. Initially, accommodations had to be made for remote working and online interactions whenever and wherever possible. Then, when it became clear that the situation wasn't changing soon, business operations had to be reassessed and adjusted. For some, this meant accommodating their current physical environment to be safe and functional. For others, it involved either improving or embracing e-service or e-commerce so they could continue to thrive despite the environment.

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