Is It Time to Rebrand?

Now and again, we need to trade in our old collection for a new one. Concerning branding, periodic analysis and refreshments may be needed. After 5–10 years, it may be time for a change. Here’s what to consider when contemplating rebranding your business: 

  • Are you trying to reach a new audience or demographic?

  • Are you getting ready to launch a new product or service?

  • Have you discovered that your name is no longer relevant to your product or service anymore?

  • Are you lacking a unique identity that distinguishes you from competitors?

  • Are you working to optimize your brand's social media presence and traffic?

  • Are you acquiring another business entity or merging with another? 

  • Are you changing directions or want to disassociate from your old identity?

  • Are you finding that your current colors or style isn’t keeping up with the times, and refreshment would offer revitalization?

When it comes to a rebrand, BBM is happy to work with your needs, whether you need a partial or total rebrand. Our designers and strategic marketing team are ready to help you refresh! Learn more about our branding and graphic support here, or schedule a meeting to talk with one of our consultants today!